Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blog Hiatus Until September

Catch me on! This is where I'll be blogging until my main site,, has been switched over to WordPress. You can search for new media jobs here as well. This is one of my new niche WordPress sites (part of the virtual real estate (minisites) empire I'm building for passive income).

I fretted over this decision for a few weeks, but finally decided to just trust my gut and go with it. This blog will not be updated again until Tuesday, September 1, 2009. Following is why.

Learning WordPress

I've finally started to learn WordPress and will use this new knowledge to begin the daunting task of integrating this blog with its accompanying website, Once all the pages have been migrated, they will exist under one roof -- finally.

My website dates back to 1999. While it's undergone a few style changes, it was built using FrontPage, which is an obselete software now. And, this free blogging platform (Blogger) no longer fits my business model.

While I naively thought I would be able to finish updating the site in one month, my personal projects have prevented this, which brings me to my next point . . .

Personal Projects: Ebooks, Minisites and Affiliate Programs

I have quite a few personal projects I've been working on that take up an enormous amount of time. Couple this with client work and there just aren't enough hours in the day. My personal projects are starting to outearn the income I make from client projects, which is why I've continued to pour so much more time into them.

Remember, these are projects that earn me "passive" income. Passive is in quotation marks because they do require some effort (eg, article marketing, site design and setup, etc.). But, compared to what I put into them timewise, the return is phenomenal.

I still have ebooks to write, affiliate programs to test and minisites to build. This is why I wanted to learn wordpress so that I don't have to rely on a web designer every time I wanted to design and build a site to promote a product.

Now that this is underway, I can go full steam ahead.

Shedding Responsibilites to Secure a Future

Recently, I resigned from a long-running blog gig. And, I've been very picky about the client projects I take on. This is because I want to focus more on securing my financial future through my own endeavors; not client projects.

As a freelance writer, you never really have to retire. But I've said here many times that I want the option of retirement at 50 (that's 7 years away for me). I'm sure I'll always work -- it's just a part of my nature -- but I want it to be a choice, not something I have to do.

My stepfather always impressed upon me and my sisters that you never get rich working for someone else. And while being rich is not a goal, financial security is. And that means making money from my own products and endeavors, not depending on the next client gig to come through.

Bear With Me

I know this is a long explanation, but I wanted to share with you why I'm doing what I'm doing so you don't think that I'm just abandoning this blog altogether. I'm not. I enjoy blogging here. This blog is my baby. But, she has to bear with "mama" while she gets her s*itty house in order.

You Can Still Get Info on Freelance Writing

This blog is four years old, and it's accompanying website is 10 years old. That's a lot of info to comb through. To find info on this blog, simply use the search box at the top left-hand side of the page. Type in your keywords and see what pops up. I've written on practically everything under the sun about freelance commercial writing (not magazines, for example).

To learn how to search for info, go here.

Get All Issues of Inkwell Editorial's Newsletter

I also won't be publishing Inkwell Editorial's newsletter (which became popular beyond my wildest dreams) again until later this year either -- probably in October. To read the current issue and all past issues, click here.

Catch Me on Twitter

If you want to know what I'm up to on any given day, catch me on Twitter. 140 characters is about all the "extra stuff" I can squeeze in, so I'll be there.

Here's to hoping your freelance writing dreams come true, and I'll catch you back here in September.

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