Thursday, March 24, 2005

Editorial Freelancing: Should You Advertise Your Fees/Rates Up Front?

When I was freelancing, I tried both methods (advertising my fees and not advertising them) and to be quite honest, I can't tell you which method worked best because I never took the time to track my ads and come to a conclusive answer.

BUT, what I can tell you is that I spend a lot of time online and purchase goods and services frequently via the Web. I like to know the prices of things. Quite honestly, when a price/rate isn't listed, I get kinda peeved. Why?

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Quite frankly, I feel like I've been "forced" into calling when a key piece of product/service information isn't listed. This is just my personal feeling. But, with time at a premium, when I'm seriously considering purchasing, I almost always choose vendors who give me all the critical information I need up front to make a purchasing decision -- and price is usually right at the top of this list.

My reasoning is, either I can afford you or not, and talking to me over the phone is not going to change my mind (a small biz owner for many years, I don't buy sales pitches). People use the internet to gather information on which to make a sound purchasing decision. For most of us, that means knowing "how much" going in.

Now, I understand that some projects require more detail to give a definitive rate, but I think that having some guideline regarding your fees listed weeds out the tire-kickers from the serious purchasers. Listing fees somewhat pre-qualifies customers, leaving you more free time -- to service those who can afford you and to spend with family and friends.

And isn't that, after all, what freelancing is all about?
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