Thursday, July 21, 2005

About Freelancing Internationally

Today's post features the first entry from our "Freelancing Internationally" series. We're sure you'll enjoy this informative new sequence!

Freelance Writing for a Client in Hong Kong
by Mike Spitalieri

What was the assignment (writing, building a website, translating, etc.)? I was contacted on Christmas Eve 2004 about a freelance writing assignment (my first paying one) from Geoclicks, based in Hong Kong, which publishes the and websites.

Basically, they wanted a series of articles regarding consumer electronics in the form of buyer's guides. I jumped on the opportunity, and although it took some time to get a hold of them, we eventually touched base and got things rolling.

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How did you get the assignment (sent a resume, fax, email; made a call; recommended by a friend; referred by a client, etc.)? I posted my resume on; they contacted me.

Did a time difference affect your work? Not so much. I would submit things during the day on the East coast US and usually receive a response the following day during the evening.

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