Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How to Use Teleseminars to Promote Your Business and Generate Quick Cash

Brain fart!

Yesterday, I was supposed to post the article, "Freelancers -- Learn How to Increase Your Income with Podcasting." To be honest, between working on the site and the upcoming e-course, 5-Step Jumpstart Your Freelance Career Marketing Workshop, I haven't fine tuned it yet.

BUT, here is a fabulous article on teleseminars that dovetails nicely with this article, which -- I PROMISE -- will be posted next Tuesday.

Y. Black, Publisher

Can I share a secret with you? Teleseminars are some of the easiest money I've ever made. Chances are you've attended a teleseminar lately. Why not produce them yourself? These seminars by phone are fun and easy to do.

Giving FREE teleseminars is a fabulous way to promote your business, help your prospects get to know you better, increase your e-zine subscribers, and jack-up sales. I offer a free monthly teleseminar that gives people an introduction to what I teach (how to get business via an e-zine).

These calls generate me tons of new e-zine subscribers and sales for my home study courses.
Giving PAID teleseminars promotes your business and generates revenues as well. I do one paid teleseminar at least every two months on a different marketing topic, and sometimes I invite a special guest. Each of these events grosses me between $5,000 and $10,000.

Coming in August (right before the start of the busy fall season)! E-Course: 5-Step Jumpstart Your Freelance Career Marketing Workshop. At the end of this one week, five-step course, you will have a concrete business and marketing plan for your freelance business. Even if you've been a freelancer for years, this course will help you "laser focus" your efforts and exponentially increase your income.

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You should also consider offering an "intensive" or "bootcamp" series of multi-week teleseminars. You can break up aspects of one topic or do a series on multiple, related topics. My former "4-Week E-zine Launch Telebootcamps" went for $497 and sold out every time.

To get started, you'll need:

1. a bridge line. For less than 30 people, has worked fine for me. (Yes, it's FREE.) For more people or for paid events, I use a paid line such as from Great Teleseminars, because they come with personal service and an operator if anything goes wrong.

2. an automated way for people to sign up. I use, LOVE, and wholeheartedly recommend AutoWebBusiness. It's an online shopping cart program that comes complete with e-mail autoresponders and link tracking. It also lets you do coupon offers for special groups, and you can automatically track commissions for affiliates.

3. a way to record your teleseminars. You'll want to provide the audio for people to listen to later online or you can make CDs. Record yourself with inexpensive software like Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge Studio, or hire someone to do it for you. I use AudioStrategies (

But there's a LOT more to it...

How do you get signups, especially if you have a small list?
Where can you advertise your teleseminars?
What days and times will get you more people?How much should you charge?
How can you get expert guests on your calls for free?
How should you prepare handouts and visuals?
Do people really want CDs, or are they happy with online audio?
WHERE do you start?

To learn MY step-by-step formula for producing teleseminars that REALLY make you money, see my program, "Insider Secrets to Making Money With TELESEMINARS."

About the author: Online entrepreneur Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," publishes the award-winning 'Straight Shooter Marketing' weekly ezine with 20,000+ subscribers. If you're ready to jump-start your marketing, make more money, and have more fun in your small business, get your FREE tips now at

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