Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Freelance Writer Series: The Worst Job I Ever Had Before Freelancing

Stuffed in a Locker, Giving Needles to Toddlers, Poopy Dogs & More!
by Cheryl Santa Maria

I've had many, many, bad jobs. Probably too many to count.

I once volunteered to participate in a student film, where I was stuffed into a locker -- repeatedly -- until the perfect shot was captured.

There was also the time I was housesitting for my cousin, who had a yappy little dog that liked to leave surprises in my shoes.

I've distributed flyers, I've worked in factories. I've been a greeter. I've organized files in an office. I've had jobs so dull that I could literally feel my brain turning into mush.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Can you relate? Read the full, hilarious account tomorrow!
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