Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Freelancers & Small Business Owners: What to Look for in a Chamber of Commerce

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Chris Cree said...

You are absolutely right that these are good things to look for in a chamber. If your city's chamber happens to not measure up, another resource that you can look into is an organization called eWomenNetwork.com. (Yes, it's geared toward business women.)

My wife is their Managing Director here in Savannah and she has had to train folks how to network properly like you described because it really wasn't happening in town.

Inkwell Editorial said...


Thanks for chiming in.

I think if more freelance writers realized the value of networking, the pay level across the board would be raised.

However, NOT having competition at these events has been wonderful for me, so maybe I shouldn't let the cat out of the bag. :-)

Once again, thanks for your feedback.