Thursday, March 29, 2007

Editor-in-Chief Position

Well, as I alluded to yesterday, an incredible career opportunity has come my way. The owner of an architecture firm I've been consulting with has offered me an editor-in-chief's position, with ownership stake.

I would have equal input on the content, design, marketing, staffing, etc.

So, why my hesitation? It's a start-up industry magazine. If you know anything about publishing at all, then you know that it's a lot of work -- and risk -- up front, with no guarantee of a payoff. I'm just not sure if I'm up for that kind of challenge at this point in my life.

I'm thinking about it -- and will make a decision in two weeks.

Advice? Feedback?
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Curvy P said...

First and foremost Congratulations on the offer! Was it something that you seeked out, or did it just come your way? I don't know too much about the world of publishing, but since you asked for feedback/advice- here it goes. Is sthis something that would interfere with your freelancing profession, so much that you would have to cease for awhile? What about your blog? Will you have the time to update it? Will you still post articles in AC? If you did not accept the position, would it be something you think you may regret? Whatever your choice is I just want to say that you have been a true inspiration for me, and a few others. I've even told a few people about you and your blog at and the response was good.
Good luck in your decision and best wishes.

Inkwell Editorial said...

Paula (I visited your site,, and found out who Curvy P really is!), thank you for the congrats!

You raise some really good points, every one of which has already been turning over in my head since the opportunity presented itself.

As for your questions, no, I did not seek this out. I met the owner of the firm through a networking contact. As we got to know eachother better, we became really good business associates. He initially wanted me to produce some marketing materials for his firm.

During one of our conversations, I mentioned that my ex-husband was an Architect and that I'd published an catalog before which consisted of ethnic home decor. I told him that I'd even considered turning the catalog into a magazine.

In short, the more we talked and the more ideas I gave him about how he should go about it, he thought I'd be perfect for the job. Of course he knew that I came from a publishing background -- something he knows nothing about, so that had a huge impact as well.

I guess you could say the offer kind of morphed from casual business conversations to "You'd be perfect for the position."

This will DEFINITELY interfere with freelancing; to the point that I'd probably have to give it up almost entirely.

Starting a magazine is all-consuming. It's taken me years to get to this point with my freelancing. BUT, this kind of opportunity doesn't come along every day. The biggie for me is that ownership is attached.

I've been offered countless jobs before, but nothing good enough to make me want to give up the freedom of freelancing.

I have a lot going on in my personal life too that has to be considered (happy stuff).

Rarely do I have a fuzzy vision about what I want -- it's usually crystal clear. Usually, the universe speaks to me in some way to let me know what I should do. It hasn't happened yet.

So, I wait, I hope and I pray that the "right" answer will reveal itself.

I know this is a long response, but writing it out was as much to answer your questions as to clarify some things for myself.

Once again, thanks for the well wishes, and of course, I'll post my answer here in a couple of weeks.

P. Blanton said...

Ha-ha! Yeah I changed my Blogger my name right after I sent that- figured it would be more appropriate as P. Blanton. Well I want to say that since finding your blog last summer, I've looked forward to your posts. However, you are right- this opportunity does NOT come every day. And ownership could take you to places you never dreamed of- much like your freelancing. I am just so happy for you and whatever your decision is, it will be the right one.
Hmmm maybe one of these days I'll be inspired to run a marathon too- but I doubt it :-)