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POST #29: 40 Days to a Successful Freelance Writing Career

PUBLISHER NOTE: If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know about the upcoming freelance writing seminar this month. Details.

Many have inquired about what will be discussed at the seminar. So, in order to answer your questions and to get you prepared for what to expect, I started a series of posts entitled "40 Days to a Successful Freelance Writing Career (which will continue, despite the notice below)."

Freelance Writing Seminar Cancelled: Unfortunately, due to my stepfather's illness, which I wrote about in the last newsletter, the seminar has been cancelled. But, you can still take a class on how to start a freelance writing career. Click here for details.

To start at the beginning of the "40 Days" series, click here. And, welcome to the blog. Now, on to today’s post . . .

Part II of How to Make Money Interviewing Experts for Your Newsletter (Website, Ebook, Blog, etc.)

In last Thursday’s post, we discussed why interviewing experts can lead to a money-making newsletter. In short, people like to read about – and take notes from – successful people.

So, now that you’ve interested readers by drawing them in with an informative interview, how do you turn that interest into profits?

Primarily, in two ways:

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Monetizing your brand: What I mean by this is quite simply, selling stuff. While you may be thinking, “this is not original,” it is simple – and that’s the whole goal. And, this can turn into megabucks.

For example, I was perusing recently (I’m going to start selling t-shirts soon via and ran across a guy who makes $100,000/year selling dog t-shirts.

Now, I know we Americans love our pooches, but to the tune of shelling out $100K/year in t-shirts? Hey, if it works, don’t knock it I say, figure out how to join it. FYI, the shop is here.

The litany of things you can sell with a high-quality brand is amazing – ebooks, special reports, t-shirts, gift baskets, etc. BUT, it all starts with putting out a top-notch (in my opinion, niche) product – like a newsletter.

Monetizing on the front end: What I mean by this is, charging for ad space. Once your subscriber rate hits a certain level – and it will if you consistently publish a high-quality newsletter – you can start to take ads.

What do you need to successfully sell ad space?

Credibility: Publishing a newsletter builds your credibility simply because you conducted the interview. In essence, you ride the coattails of the "expert" simply by association. After all, if they agreed to be interviewed by you, then you must be successful too, right?

Subscribers: Why do people like to read about experts/famous people/successful people? Because they want to learn how to duplicate that success.

Publishing a newsletter that caters to a specific need of a “targeted market” will consistently garner high-quality subscribers. The reason targeted market is in quotation marks is because you want high-quality subscribers.

High-quality subscribers are more likely to purchase because you speak directly to them and their needs. That’s why publishing a niche newsletter is extremely effective – and profitable.

When most think of self-publishing, they think of books. However, newsletters fall squarely in this category and are easier, quicker and cheaper to publish.

Further, as illustrated here, publishing a newsletter where you interview experts can be a wonderful way to self-publish your way to profits. I like it because it’s free; can provide an income for life; and provides a way to build a brand which can lead to innumerable opportunities (interviews, jobs, joint ventures, etc.).

Good luck if you decide to go this self-publishing route.

Until then,
Yuwanda (who is this person?)
P.S.: Tomorrow’s post: Freelance writers do a lot – writing, designing, marketing, building websites, etc. Sometimes, outsourcing some of your duties can pay off big – in a lot of ways. Tomorrow we’ll look at how to figure out what you should be paying if decide to outsource some of your duties.
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