Friday, November 02, 2007

Post #40: 40 Days to a Successful Freelance Writing Career

As I said in Post #38, “…this series (40 Days to a Successful Freelance Writing Career) is winding down, [so] I wanted to end with three observations that prevent many freelance writers from making the income they should be making.”

Post #38 highlighted the "little" blockers to success. Post #39 was all about how freelance writers should use technology more.

Here, in the last post, I wanted to end with habits – as in, breaking them to create lasting success. Click here to read the entire post, How Doing Something New Can Make You More Money.
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Current Issue: Sue Fagalde Lick, author of Freelancing for Newspapers. Whether you are an experienced or inexperienced freelance writer, this is one market that eagerly accepts freelancers, as Sue outlines in her book.

Next Issue (11/7/). Ghostwriting: Want to know what type of work is out there in this genre? How much it pays? Where to find it? How to go about getting it? Ghostwriter Amanda Evans will give us the skinny on this freelance writing niche.

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