Monday, April 25, 2005

How Blogging Can Increase Your Freelance Income

Blogging can increase your freelance income. How/why? In the following three ways:

1) Habit Forming: If you are a creative professional, keeping a blog forces you to be involved with your business on a regular basis – ie, develop a habit.

Success in almost anything – eg, exercise, education, building wealth – requires a series of consistent steps over a period of time.

If you ask almost any successful person to what they attributed their success, I’d be willing to bet that almost 100% would peg persistence (habit) as one of the top three things.

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2) Personality: Most bloggers let some of their personality through. The web can be so impersonal. Your blog personalizes your business – inviting clients into your world, giving them a better idea about who you are, how you operate, what makes your company tick.
It’s human nature to do business with someone you know – or at least, feel like you know – than a complete stranger. Tip: If you are so inclined, use a photo to further personalize your blog.

3) Credibility: Blogs can be excellent venues to announce awards, media attention, your latest gig, etc. All of this builds your credibility.

Blogs are much more personal than a media page (although having one of these in conjunction with your blog is not a bad idea). And, it allows you to expound upon, for example, your acceptance speech, how/why you were nominated, what happened at the awards dinner, etc.

Even corporate America is jumping on the blog bandwagon – see links below for more on this subject. Do you think it’s because they have nothing better to do? No. They know it’s another way to connect with customers – and add to their bottom line.

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