Thursday, April 14, 2005

How to Turn One Success into Many Clients!

Marketing-savvy freelancers know that as soon as you complete a project – especially if it is for a high-profile client – to add it to their portfolio. Marketing is really a herd mentality, eg, if everyone’s buying it, it must be good. So how do you turn the herd in your direction?

1) Update Your Marketing Material: As in, add it to your brochure, website, professional profile, etc. Many times, you get so busy that you forget to update your materials. But, your media/client page is just as important as your actual skill set.

So, when you complete a new project/work with a new client, be sure to add it to your marketing material as soon as you can.

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2) Advertise It: The next time you advertise, be sure to feature a list of your latest accomplishments. This is particularly important if it is a type of work you haven’t done before. Eg, you’re known for writing articles, but you just did a complete newsletter (including layout) for a client. Or, you’re known for building websites, but you just completed a logo design.

3) Get Testimonials: After making sure that your client is pleased with your work, ask for a testimonial -- then use it in your marketing material. It can be as little as one line. Be sure to get permission to use their name, title and company name (two out of these three is also acceptable).

If you do this consistently, before you know it, your marketing pieces will show a range of material from a variety of clients – all of which build your credibility – and leads to more assignments!
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