Thursday, May 26, 2005

Replenish Your Spirit to Increase Your Income

My post this past Monday, entitled "How to Increase Your Freelance Income During the Slow Summer Months" is the perfect segueway into today's post. Coming upon the official start of the summer season, Memorial Day, not much is going on.

Now is the perfect time to:

1) Set aside a day to complete one task that's been hanging over your head that you never seem to get to. Trust me, you will feel so much better, lighter, freer to finally get it done.

Have you been meaning to organize your files, get your client contact list into some type of easily retrievable database, set up a marketing plan, etc.? Whatever it is that you've been putting off, now is the perfect time to devote an entire day to just that task.

2) Replenish your spirit. Whether you are freelancing our job hunting, the pressure of getting through all that's on your plate can be overwhelming. Even when you log off, your brain is still whirling -- worrying about what you didn't get done, what you need to get done, what you can't afford to get done, etc.

Give yourself permission to take some time to relax and have some fun. Say, "I will take the weekend to hang out with my friends and family (or alone), and I will get down to business again on Tuesday morning." Then, as much as you can, resolve to focus on replenishing your spirit -- relieving it from stress and worry for a few days.

Tuesday will be here all too quickly, and if you don't take time away from the demands of your professional life -- what good are you going to be to your clients/employer -- not to mention your friends and family.

For my American counterparts, enjoy the long holiday weekend upon us. In all of my travels, the one thing I've noticed is that the rest of the world seems to know how to relax much better than we do. To my international readers, just keep doing what you do best -- savor life!

NOTE: See you next Thursday, June 2nd. [No post on Monday, May 30th (Memorial Day)]

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