Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Rewards of Patient Marketing

As a small business owner, I do a lot of reading on small business marketing, for it is a subject about which you can never be too knowledgeable. The article below explains what I term “Patient Marketing” so well, that I thought it worth passing along.

The techniques and guidelines discussed are tried and true -- no matter what type of business you have. Enjoy and keep these principles in mind, particularly when you are frustrated with your freelance business.

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"...I want more exposure for my web site."
by David Nelmes

Every encounter I have with a website owner further drives my resolve to provide better and more effective methods to provide quality traffic that improves their sales. I have found many successful methods to accomplish this...but I have also found many methods that the Internet promises will work, but they simply do not.

When I get the call or e-mail where the primary desire of the website owner is "I want more exposure for my web site.", I immediately understand their position because I was there some time ago as well. Through a lot of trial and error and often massive costs, I have found what I believe to be good methods for pulling in traffic. The steady traffic that drives into Designing Online and Dreams Alive Magazine is the result of these efforts.

There is no single secret, but the primary ingredient for pulling in traffic is an endless and untiring choice to be open to do better and explore new options. You can't have an inflexible and concrete idea of what you think will work or what you think is necessary, because even if you are right, you have limited yourself to that idea alone and will not grow beyond it. To believe you have no choices or only one choice, is the single choice you do not want to embrace. The choices are endless...if you are open to let them in.

So then, how do you see past the scams and the things that will simply be a waste of your time and money? You need to look at the Internet differently. Ask yourself this..."When McDonalds airs a commercial on television for it's newest burger, does it consider the commercial a failure if the people who see it don't instantly jump in their cars and head to McDonalds?" Of course not...and neither should you believe the Internet has to work that way.

Scams generally do not involve being patient or working towards long term benefits. They want your money now because they know what they are selling does not work. Simply stated, a scam is when a business has chosen to benefit at your expense, while knowing they offer very little or nothing in return. Some are obvious, while others hide behind published lies and statistics that really bend the truth or capacity for you to duplicate.

I realized some time ago that the highest quality and most productive traffic you can obtain is through the process of long term advertising and exposure...just like a TV commercial. A good example is our Dreams Alive Magazine. If you were to place an ad or article in our upcoming Summer Vacation issue, you will receive some traffic due to our initial efforts to promote the new release...but your best traffic will come one year from now and again two years from now and again 3 years from now as the issue becomes more and more embedded into the search engines and as the pages PR ratings increase.

With long term advertising, you might not be able to pinpoint any one spectacular day of traffic...but you will have created a small steady stream of traffic in the background that becomes a part of your traffic base. Perform this process again and again in any way you can and build your base...eventually eliminating your need to find traffic today because the base you built over years will be sending targeted and quality visitors to your site regularly.

Designing Online has created an array of advertising choices that intertwines several websites in a way that really helps to promote your website. We do provide methods of providing traffic today...but our overall focus is to help you establish long term traffic and name recognition that will help you for years and years to come. I encourage you to check out our Media Kit and Promotions Page to help you grasp the scale in which we can help you.

Meanwhile, we are always open for suggestions and ideas for how we can help you even more. We have created the capacity to draw in targeted traffic that can help you increase sales, so instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, take advantage of what we are sharing and providing and we will all benefit. Our motto is "We get ahead by helping you get ahead first." It's the only real business practice that works in the long term.

About the Author: David Nelmes is webmaster and creator of Designing Online (, Dreams Alive Magazine, Virtual Home Decor, Create E-Cards and The Website Traffic Generator. His primary focus is to create family friendly web sites with a business environment where everyone can benefit. ****************************************************************************
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