Thursday, November 10, 2005

What's It's Really Like to be a Production Editor

Inside Peek: A new "Day in the Life of ..." account was added to today.

Wanna know what it's like to be a Production Editor at a children's book publisher? Log on to find out from this insightful account -- from salary to duties, you'll know if this is a fit for you -- or not. Enjoy!


What would you call someone who edits, critiques, organizes, maintains, brainstorms, encourages, sits down very little, and on good days, plays with My Little Ponies and watches Ice Age for research? Give up? If you work in publishing, you might call her a production editor – and you would be talking about me.

For the past eight months, I have held the aforementioned title at a smallish publishing company, in the exciting (you might think this is sarcasm, but as much as I can’t believe it myself, it is not) world of children’s books.

It might seem to an outsider that producing kids’ books is an easy task, as a good deal of these of contain little text and simple spot illustration. But as with many things, there’s more to children’s publishing than meets the eye, and it’s my job to make sure that all of these parts run smoothly – with as few mistakes as possible.

Read the full account here: (cut/paste link into your browser).

I have spent the last six months or so compiling a list of freelance writing guidelines. I had hoped to build the list to 1,000, but due to other pressing demands, will not be able to devote the time to it. To date, I have compiled and verified a list 180 contacts.This list is free to anyone who orders an Inkwell Editorial e-book. It will be sent to you as an attached MS Word file (for ease of opening) after your order has been received. With thanks,Y. Black, Proprietor,Inkwell Editorial

SAMPLE LISTING: Please note, listings vary, eg, there are guidelines for e-zines, magazines, websites, etc. In short, something for everyone.

Company: Foresight Publishing, Inc. 3717 National Drive, Ste 208 Raleigh, NC 27612


Submission Guidelines:

About: Foresight Publishing offers content driven marketing tools specifically for insurance agents, providing them a simple, low cost method of growing and retaining their businesses. We are always looking for writers with experience in the markets we cover: employee benefits, commercial lines, personal lines, and personal finance. Writers must have current knowledge of at least one of these markets, and must be able to prepare client friendly articles for use in our newsletter publications.

Pay: Based on experience and the quality of your work. Articles will need to be fairly short at 400-600 words each. Offering steady monthly work.

To Apply: Please send resume, writing samples, and requirements to No phone calls, please.

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