Wednesday, January 11, 2006

2006 Freelance Dreams

As the new year came in, I noticed a lot of traffic on the site. It was to be expected, as many renew their interest in accomplishing the dream of working as a freelancer from home, writing the next great American novel, telling the boss to stuff it once and for all ... and on and on and on.

By mid-February, all should be calm again as reality sets in, ie: freelancing is a business and must be treated as such; writing the great American novel will not happen overnight (how DOES one start such an apocalyptical event anyway); and although the boss is a jerk, this job does pay the bills.

My point in bringing up the obvious: When mid-February approaches and you haven't stuck to your plans and are slowly letting your zest for accomplishment fade -- come back to this post and remember the resolve you had at the beginning of this year. FOR, 2007 will be here before you know it and do you really want to look back on this year knowing that you gave up, digressed, didn't make any progress?

So, chin up and pencils down -- let's get cracking!

Editorially yours (and back on a weekly basis),
Y. Black
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