Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Day in the Life of . . . A Proofreader at a Tool Company

A new "Day in the Life of ..." account was added to InkwellEditorial.com today.
Periodically, InkwellEditorial.com publishes these accounts to give you an inside peek at various positions in the editorial industry -- in hopes of helping you decide if a position will really suit you BEFORE you pursue it. We hope you find the information insightful and useful.


Must be comfortable in control. Sometimes you must request information multiple times to get a page done. You start to feel like a parent. But the book must get done and you can’t let other people let things fall into the cracks or put you on the backburner for too long.
Must be dependable. The book has a very strict deadline.

With everyone working on multiple projects, it might be too easy to fall behind if you miss a few days every now and again, so you’ve got to be at work all of the time. The good thing is that the general catalog (the big project) is complete by the beginning of November and does not start up again until March so many people will take a two-week vacation for Christmas since there is virtually nothing to do. Click here to read entire account: http://www.inkwelleditorial.com/CareerCenter/day-in-life/1-25-06.htm
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