Wednesday, March 15, 2006

From Cheating Husband to Financial Independence: A freelance success story!

Life of a Domestic Engineer...
who can write, photograph, and design too!
by Kris Williams
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E X C E R P T from 3/16/06 Inkwell Editorial Freelance Success Story

I have been working via the Internet since 1999 and have basically taught myself the skills with creative ambition and strong determination following in suit. While this is not a bragging response to how I got started in writing, let me tell you why I first began my writing career.

Back in 1999, I was happily married to what I thought was a terrific man. Lo and behold, he ended up cheating on me 3 times, and he is still with the last woman since they had a baby about two years ago. Basically I have had to pick up the pieces in my life and re-arrange them back together after the divorce, but before you say, oh what a sad sob story and leave it at that, let me explain more…

I began my writing ... by creating two online magazines out of the necessity of struggle to create an income after my husband cheated on me the first time, as I had planned for the possibility that it might happen again.

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