Friday, April 14, 2006

From the Midwest to Cyberspace: Profile of a Freelance Writer

JOB POSTING (freelance story posted below)

WORK REMOTELY FOR K&J Consulting: K&J Consulting is a Global I.T. company supporting clients such as Cisco Systems, SUN, Xerox, John Deere and AmeriQuest to name a few. We are seeking a Consultants for a (3) month assignment with possible extensions with large a fortune 50 Company. This is a full-time assignment working remotely from home. If you are interested, please send a resume in a word format. Please pass this to a friend, since we have many opportunities within the U.S.Technical Writer/Editor

Qualifications: Very strong experience as a Technical Writer/Editor. Experience editing technical white papers. Experience with Network Architect. Experience with structure/edit draft contents. Experience with Healthcare Infrastructure is a MUST

Contact: Bill Davis, Sr. Project Manager

From the Midwest to Cyberspace ...The Humble Beginnings of a Freelance Writer
by Christopher Kendalls

I was born and raised in Akron, OH. I ended up in Dayton, OH, however, when I dropped out of school having put in many years pursuing a degree I had decided I did not want. Besides, I thought that I could use what little I had learned in college to get a decent computer job; little did I know that I would end up being a freelance writer.

At first, I would simply write at my own leisure, to entertain myself in-between classes. The only article I had written was an essay for a contest that the school was running in which I had won $250. It was then that I reconnected with the urge and passion to write, although I would end up writing tens of stories and poems before I finally decided that article writing was my niche a few years ago.

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