Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Freelance Writer's Series Announced

My Best, Worst, Most Lucrative and/or Oddest Freelance Job ...

This is InkwellEditorial's new freelancer writer's series. Its purpose? Pure entertainment! From time to time, we will publish first-hand accounts from freelance professionals who tell us the best, worst, most lucrative and/or oddest freelance job they ever had.

Janet Trakin regales us with her "Best Job I Ever Had" tale. Nervous breakdowns, queens on couches, the selling of a soul for great sex -- and more! -- are all covered. She writes:


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"It took me 20 years, and job searching in three cities to find my dream job with Self-Help U.S.A. in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I got misguided by a psychiatrist in New York City who turned me into a job whore when she convinced me that taking the secretarial route in order to maintain an apartment so that I could have a sex life was what I wanted."

Read the full story here. Want to submit? Click here for full details.

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