Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How to Easily Make $200-$300/month as a Freelance Writer

Continuing in my quest to cover all the topics listed in the May 25th post, next Tuesday's topic will be . . . (drum roll please)

How to Easily Make $200-$300/month as a Freelance Writer
(I promise, you won't have to send out one query)

In the meantime, send in your freelance money-making tips. Do you bring in a nominal amount of money each month (eg, $50, $100, $200 or more) from freelancing? Share it. I'm seeking nominal amounts because most are never going to make $6K, $7K, $10K a month. But, that first $50, $200, etc. can be built on (baby steps, y'all, baby steps . . . )

Remember, my mission here is to help editorial and creative professionals earn a living as freelancers. I truly believe that it is through the sharing of knowledge that we succeed. I ran across a beautiful missive on the topic.

An excerpt: "During my journey of nearly 86 years on this beautiful planet earth, I have broadened my understanding of what I believe is a powerful spiritual and ethical law of life: that those who are truly grown up, give. The immature do not."

Click here to read the full article.

Remember, send in your "nominal money-making tips." You can do this by simply commenting on this post. Please note: Ads disguised as comments will be removed; however, I will link to your website or blog if your comment is "legitimate."

Editorially yours,
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