Tuesday, June 06, 2006

How to Increase Your Client List During the Slow Summer Season

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Increase Your Client List During the Slow Summer Season

As you know, the slow season is here -- June, July & August are notoriously slow for the editorial industry. Read this article for more on why.

Following are three things you can do to ensure that work continues to flow during this slow period:

1. Continue to advertise: Many freelancers stop marketing because they aren't getting the response they're accustomed to during this period. BUT, this is a mistake. Why?

Because you have to be top of mind with customers. And, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I advocate consistency, consistency, consistency when it comes to marketing. How is NOT advertising going to bring in more customers?

Further, as everyone else is on vacation (hence, not advertising either), you will have less competition during this time. Who knows, your mailer could land on that prospective client's desk just as his regular writer, editor, graphic designer, etc. is off on that month-long summer cruise. Bang, a new client!

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2. Prepare new marketing/sales material: Been meaning to update your brochure, change your website (or get one), start a newsletter? Now is the perfect time to do this and get them out to clients. A fresh look can bring in new clients and it is the perfect time to contact old clients and announce a new service, a sale, discount, etc.

Be sure that when you contact clients, you offer a benefit to them, not just an announcement about you. Eg, we have a new website. Why is this important to you? This will allow you to contact us 24/7 with your project details and receive a quote/proposal much quicker.

3. Update service offerings: Summer is the perfect time to learn that new software, learn AMA, develop a webinar. Whatever it is, this is the perfect time to update the services/skills you offer clients.

So, instead of slogging thru summer waiting for the busy season to roll around again (unless that's what you want), you can keep growing that client list while laying the groundwork for an even more profitable busy season.

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