Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Power of Article Marketing

Publisher's Note: I'm a regular contributor to recently launched a news site for freelancers entitled

After reading an article of mine on, a Sologig rep contacted me and wanted to interview me on a topic about which I'd written. The topic was the benefits of Chambers of Commerce for freelancers. The article I wrote which explores the topic is entitled, Why Every Freelance Writer Should Join a Chamber of Commerce, the October 17, 2006 blog post.

The interview can be found here. Established in 2000 and the exclusive contract provider for CareerBuilder.comone, is one of THE "go to" sites for freelance gigs, this type of exposure is exactly what you're after with article marketing. They average 10,000 job postings/day for freelancers.

My point? You just never know who is reading what you put out there, so keep on marketing with articles -- it's powerful stuff!

To your publicity,
Y. Black, Publisher
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