Friday, November 17, 2006

Sales Tip: How to Motivate Prospects to Buy from You

Okay, it's Friday and I'm cheating -- big time. How? By not writing an article today. According to my blog's statistics, most of you aren't even reading it on Friday anyway.

BUT, I did want to give you a little motivating tip, so I borrowed the following from the article, 7 Sales Skills to Improve On (by Shamus Brown) on a sales tip website. An excerpt:

Sales Skill #2: Motivating Prospects
Qualifying goes beyond budget, authority, and need. You want to sell to prospects who *want* to buy from you. Finding prospects that need our products usually is not difficult. Finding those who really want our products though can be very hard if we wait for them to come to us.

Prospects generally do not know they need such products[/services], until they first discover that they have a problem. This process can take seconds or years depending on the nature of the problem (and the prospect!). Prospects get motivated to work with you when you help them to discover that you solve their problem better than anyone else.

KEY TIP: Determine which problems that you eliminate or solve for your prospects. Plan and ask questions to uncover and agitate those problems. **END EXCERPT**

There are 6 other great tips, so click on over and read the entire article.

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