Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why Every Freelance Writer Should Use Sites Like

If you're a freelance writer, you might have gold in your fingers. What do I mean? Create and sell your own e-product. Although you may be thinking that you wouldn't know where to begin, the following will tell you exactly why you should learn.

Creating and Selling e-Products on Sites Like ClickBank

First, what is ClickBank (and sites like it)? In simple terms, ClickBank is a repository site for digital products (eg, e-books). It allows you to list products for sale, or sell products that are listed (eg, become an affiliate).

The site boasts that it has more than 10,000 products for sale, and over 100,000 affiliates who promote them. Could your e-book be the next big seller?

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ClickBank Advantages for Vendors

a) Leverage: This is an obvious advantage, as in, getting others to promote your product. How exactly does it work?

Say you write an e-book about your part-time job, writing resumes online. Because you've been doing it for three years, you have some unique insights and decide to write an e-book.

You put the e-book on your site, but are getting very few, or no, sales. Alternative plan? List your e-book with ClickBank. Here others with websites see your e-book and decide to sell it from their website.

In essence, they become an affiliate seller of your product for a percentage of the sales price, which you determine when you list your product on the site. Before you know it, your e-book is listed on 23 other sites. After a year, it's listed on 150, or more sites.

In effect, you have "hired" 150 or more salesmen for your e-book. And, you're averaging 4-5 sales a day - up from 2-3 month when you were selling it on your own site.

This is the power of leverage!

b) Forever Sales: The beauty of writing is that once a product is created, it can be resold forever, producing income for years to come.

You can ostensibly create many products and make a very nice income selling them via this medium.

c) Back-end Paperwork: One of the best advantages of using a site like ClickBank to sell your e-products is that they handle all of the back-end paperwork for you, eg, processing payments, handling affiliate payouts, running sales reports, etc.

All of this information is provided as part of your vendor membership - and all for a one-time publisher activation fee of $49.95.

d) Marketing: As you probably know, creating a product is the easy part (and this goes for any product). Selling it is where the real work comes in.

Sites like ClickBank tremendously ease the burden in this area, because the affiliates do the selling for you. While you should always market what you are selling, using a medium like ClickBank is a powerful weapon to add to your marketing arsenal.

In conclusion, the beauty of creating your own e-products for sale via this medium is that you own them outright. You don't have to answer to anyone. All the profit is yours. Selling only a few thousand copies of a well-priced, popular product will bring a nice income.

Compound that by writing and promoting three, four or five products and that may be the only freelance income you'll ever need.

Log on to for more on selling with them.

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