Wednesday, December 12, 2007

3 Freelance Writing Money-making Tips

I've done three things in the past week that have made me more money -- two directly, and one indirectly. What are they?

3 Ways to Create Passive Income as a Freelance Writer

1. Amazon Store: I added an Amazon store to To visit the store, click here. To see how it looks on the site, click here.

It was easy to set up as I blogged about here. The best part of it -- it's passive income. Now that it's set up, I don't have to do anything else.

2. New Blog: I set up a new blog, This came about because I do a lot of surfing on how to make passive income online. Many of the articles I read tend to have the same rehashed info. So, I started to view videos (on a fluke one day, I viewed one and was amazed at the detail it provided).

So, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a "channel," if you will, of just good videos showcasing how to make money online?" As blogs are easy and free to set up, it only took about 20 minutes (I played around with layout, font, etc. -- it could have taken a 1/3 of that time).

Did you know that you can post YouTube videos to your blog right from their site? Similar to sending an email, you just type in the info and wham, it's posted to your blog (no extra interfaces to go through, links to add, etc.).

Tres cool feature! Technology never ceases to amaze me. So, check out this money-making video channel; I hope you'll enjoy it.

3. Get Listed in Search Engines Faster: This is an indirect money-making tip I got from Paula Mooney's blog. I now submit each new page I create on my blogs and websites by hand to Google -- the instant I create them. Why?

They get indexed faster -- which drives traffic to my site faster (which ostensibly creates a sale faster).

Example: I created my money-making video blog site last Friday night (12/7/07). It was already showing up in results the next day (12/8/07).

Either Google is lacking info on this topic (it was light on results in this category which is one of the reasons I created the site), or the bots indexed my site Friday night or Saturday morning. Either way, I didn't have to wait days, weeks or, pray not -- months -- for it to start popping up.

The add your URL to Google link can be found here. Once you create your page, copy/paste it into the URL box on this page. In the "Comments" box, list keyword/label tags. In my opinion, ths helps to get your site indexed that much faster.

Practically every day I get up, I ask myself, what can I do to add passive income to my bottom line (I don't have many more hours in the day for non-passive income)?

Have some passive ways to generate income online? Send them along to info [at] inkwelleditorial[dot]com.
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Paula Neal Mooney said...

I think this is great, Yuwanda.

Yeah, I just set up a new iTunes gift cards site I need to get all pretty!

Thank the Lord for helping us make money off this web game!

Take care and Happy Wednesday and thanks for the link love,