Friday, December 14, 2007

When You SHOULDN'T Read Other Blogs

To promote your website and/or blog, you need to share. Think social media -- eg, StumbledUpon, Digg, Delicious, etc. Almost every expert touts that one of the best ways to build your website/blog traffic is to read and comment on the sites/blogs of others.

And I agree with this, except in the following instance.

When You SHOULDN'T Read Other Blogs

When you sit down to write for your blog/website: Many would advise that this is the exact time to read what others are writing about and/or what's "hot" on the web. I disagree. Why?

In some cases, it can backfire.

Case in point: You sit down to write a blog post but before you do, you visit some other blogs to get some ideas, do some background reading, etc. Then, you run across a similar post to the one you were going to write. It's written with much more detail and much better than you ever could have written it.

The wind is taken right out of your sails.

Blog Marketing: Why Reading Other People's Blog Can Kill Your Marketing Spirit

While you may still write your post, it's not nearly with the same enthusiasm, depth and passion you would have had you not read the other blog first.

This has happened to me on many occasions, and you know what I realized? There will always be others who are more knowledgeable, with more experience and write more eloquently than I do. While their posts may be "better," a gem hidden in how you said something may resonate with a reader.

It all comes down to believing in what you write, writing from personal experience and having a genuine need to want to share that information to help someone else.

For this, you don't need to read someone else's blog.

I do a lot of online reading -- especially as it relates to how to make money online -- passively. But, I rarely, if ever, visit another blog when I sit down to write for my blogs. I don't want to be encouraged, discouraged and/or overshadowed by someone else's ideas. I want my experience, my passion and my ideas to shine through to the reader.
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That means getting my thoughts down first.

If you're serious about making money online, you're going to have to find something you're passionate about because there are a lot of "unpaid" hours you're going to have to put in before the money starts to flow.

Rarely will you be sustained long term by the ideas and thoughts of others. Most of the content you produce to drive traffic to your blog/website is going to have to come from your insight, your experiences, your suceesses and failures.

So, while reading other blogs is definitely good to keep pace with the industry, don't get in the habit of "relying" on them for your ideas, your insight.

Again, that can only come from you.

Happy writing!
Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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