Friday, July 04, 2008

Declare Your Independence w/ This Special Offer!

This is a whim offer. I hadn't planned to log on today, but as I usually do, I found myself drawn to at least checking email before getting ready for my barbeque (I have to make Sangria and burgers to take and am procrastinating before getting started).

At any rate, as I sit here surfing and playing I thought, what a perfect day to reward those who might be surfing the net on Independence Day -- which means one of three things probably;

i) You're surfing and goofing off (cool!);
ii) You logged on to pay bills or catch up on other paperwork (stop it, it's a holiday!); or
iii) You're so miserable in your job that you logged on to research ways to get out of it (eg, look for another job, or better yet, look for a money-making opportunity).

If you're in the last bunch, I want to help you declare your Independence. The following is for you:

SPECIAL EBOOK OFFER: Get 7 Ebooks Free! Want to learn how to make at least $250/day writing simple 500-word articles? Order the SEO Writing Ebook and get 7 more free: those found at Read success stories, case studies and testimonials here. Offer expires on Monday, July 7th at 9am EST (when I'm back in the office).

Important Notice: When you order the SEO writing ebook, it will be delivered immediately as a pdf download. When I get back into the office on Monday morning, I'll email you the free ebooks. All orders placed between Friday July 4th and Monday July 7th (until 9am EST) are eligible for this promotion.

Now get off line and go enjoy the day!

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