Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Blog Marketing: Are You Making This All-Too-Common Mistake?

Come back here you. Yes, you! I know you're in holiday mode and everything, but before you rush off, you have one more thing to do. If not, you could be making the biggest mistake many freelance writers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs make.

It's almost 2 pm EST, and I'm about to close up for today -- BUT, I did this before even thinking about heading out to do some holiday shopping and errands. Did you? Find out what it is here.

From Laid Off New Mommy to Freelance (SEO) Writing Success!

I received this email from a new freelance writer who has really taken the SEO freelance writing bull by the horns and is running with it. I share this to remind those of you who may be wondering if you can succeed as a freelance writer, who may be scared to try, or procrastinating on starting . . . it proves that if you put out the effort, the rewards can be yours.

Katrina wrote:

Hi Yuwanda!

I have some very exciting news for you. I have to send you a major thank you because your SEO book has opened a whole new career opportunity for me. We spoke on the phone last month. I called to ask you about pricing and communicating with potential clients. You were so very gracious in our phone conversation and led me through what I needed to know.

Well, I started writing for a few websites in addition to individual web designers. One of the websites was Bright Hub. I applied what I learned through your articles/books and other sources about SEO to write my articles. All the ones I optimized ended up on the first page of Google for their keywords.

The VP of Marketing for Bright Hub contacted me a few weeks later to let me know that she had heard great things about me and my articles. She asked me to be the managing editor for the new fitness channel they were starting! I was so thrilled when I read the email from her that I didn't know what to do besides squeal (and scare my husband in the process). :-)

I couldn't have done this without learning what you teach about being a good writer in general, managing my time, SEO, and all the other great info you share on a regular basis. I will be referring my writers to your blog to learn about SEO and all the other things they need to know about being a good freelance writer.

I'm so richly blessed by God, I have to tell you. I was laid off earlier this year a few days before I was supposed to return to work after maternity leave. I had a new baby, lots of bills and no job.

It was so hard to tell my husband that I didn't have a job to go back to. I decided that I could either pout about it or add to my skill set and start marketing myself (emphasis added -- this is the kind of chutzpah needed to make it as a freelance writer!). I became self-employed as a freelance writer thereafter, and it turns out that getting laid off was a blessing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

View Katrina's BrightHub profile.

Tomorrow: Case studies, as in, how to make money with them. They're so easy to do - and clients pay a mint for them!

Contact: info *at*
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