Tuesday, February 10, 2009

$40-$50/Article: Constant-Content.com Call for Freelance Writers

As the current issue of the Inkwell Editorial newsletter reveals how to make money at Constant-Content.com (CC), I thought I'd post this listing I just received. As I said, I receive calls for content from CC 3-5 times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. And, the requests have been increasing lately. So if you want to pick up some extra freelance writing jobs, give this outlet a try.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with CC other than having a writing account with them. I 've submitted one article in the year or so since I signed up. Luckily, I stay busy enough that I've never had to actually use this site. But if you're new to freelance writing, or just don't feel like marketing directly to companies, this is a good outlet. Following are the particulars.

TOPIC: America's Economy: Dead or Alive

REQUESTED BY: Customer Davidearlrogers has requested a new article on Constant Content, below are the details:

ARTICLE DETAILS: A picture of how our economy is performing. How many jobs have been lost in the last 5 years? Last Year? Current state? Are the jobs lost primarily in the non-degree sectors or people with college degrees and above? Any real numbers would be great. America borrows a lot of money from other countries, who do we owe and how much? Is there a plan to ever really pay the money back? Does this stimulus package help in anyway? What do economists think about our future economy?

WORD COUNT: 300-500

RATE: $40-$50

NEEDED: ASAP. You can view / reply to this message from constant content. http://www.constant-content.com/mail/read/1205591/ (must have a CC account so you can sign in and read all Calls for Content.

QUESTION: Anyone know of an auto ebook delivery/payment program like e-Junkie/Lulu? I've been having some delivery problems with e-Junkie on my affiliate site (it's 100% perfect on delivery of my Inkwell Ebooks), so I'm looking for an alternative. If so, shoot me an email (info *at* InkwellEditorial.com). Thanks.

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