Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Article Marketing: The Plan I Use to Bring in $100-$200/Day

That was the title of my post over at yesterday. I just wrapped up a three-week series over there detailing my foray into affiliate marketing and how I'm using article marketing to make $100-$200/day promoting one affiliate product.

The last post in the series can be found here, along with instructions on how to access all nine posts in the series.

The 3 Most Important Things I've Learned in My Limited Foray into Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose Products/Services You Know About: Or, at a minimum, those you have an interest in learning about. The reason is, affiliate marketing takes a sustained, consistent effort to make money. This means putting in some marketing elbow grease. You must be interested in a product/service in order to do the marketing tasks it takes to make money with it.

Note: IMO, you don't have to be passionate about a product/service -- as many will tout. But, you do have to have a sustained interest in it; it must be more than just than passing interest.

2. Try to Choose Products You Can Build On: For example, my product has to do with foreclosures. Right now, I'm just promoting the one product. But, my partner and I are creating 4 more products that complement this existing product.

By doing this, we can increase our sales without putting in any more effort. How? We'll list those products on our same affiiate websites. So all the marketing we've done to drive traffic to our existing sites will benefit us.

Now, this won't be possible in all cases, but it's just something to think about (ie, stay in the same niche to maximize the results of your marketing efforts).

3. Do Something Every Day to Promote Your Affiliate Product: And by every day, I mean every weekday (I take weekends off). If not every day, then at least every other day. The web is a very competitive place, and I'm amazed at how "slacking off" for a few days decreases my sales.

So, keep the marketing metal to the pedal. It's why I like article marketing. I'm a writer, so I bang out 3-5 articles a week for my affiiate product. I put in on my calendar, right alongside the work I have to do for clients. That way, it's a "must do", instead of a "if I have time to do" project.

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