Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Freelance Success Story: Finding Success via Versatility

Today I published a sucess story from a long-time freelance writer. She's worked on everything from poetry to web articles to adult magazines. Following is an excerpt:

One day I came across an invitation for writers to submit to a new magazine being sold around the pubs of England. It was a humorous, “adult” publication to which I sold some off-color jokes. I followed up with a proposal to write a column as a spoof “agony aunt”. This proved to be quite a lucrative job which lasted for more than a year until the magazine folded after its sponsorship money dried up. I wasn’t too proud to write for other adult markets after that. Indeed, I still do, though perhaps some readers would be horrified to learn that the writer of some of those steamy fictional scenes is now a senior citizen.

Read the entire account. Have a freelance writing success story? Submit it -- for pay! Starting in April -- after the new site is up -- I'll publish about one a month.

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