Monday, March 02, 2009

March is "Devote Time to Your Website/Blog Month"

As I posted to my Twitter account this morning, I've been MIA for the last week or so. I was finishing up an ebook I co-authored. I have another one on tap that I have to turn my attention to -- and this is in addition to my regular workload. So things are a bit hectic around here.

However, another reason I've been lax about posting is that this month I'm finally turning my attention to getting this blog transferred over to my new wordpress design -- which has been sitting unused since last July -- yes, last July (I can hardly believe it!).

Devote Time to Your Website/Blog Month: What is this?

I've designated March to be Devote Time to Your Website/Blog month. What is this? If you have blogs or websites that you want to start or redesign, then designate this month to get it done. I've learned that the only way to get things done -- especially when you're super busy -- is to set aside a definitive time to just do it. So this month, that's what I'm doing.

I have two more money-making blogs I've been wanting to set up for ages. Additionally, I've been wanting to transfer this blog and its accompanying website to its one, newly designed online presence. I will have all of this done by April 1st because it is my number one focus this month. This means turning down jobs, outsourcing work and anything else it takes to reach this goal.

While I have been MIA, I've also been posting over at Listed below are the last four posts. Hope you enjoy them.

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Tomorrow I'll post a success story from a freelance writer in England. It's the last one that will be posted on this blog. More will follow once the new one is set up.

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