Wednesday, August 20, 2008

SEO Copywriting Rates: How I Got to the $100/Article Mark & You Can Too!

In yesterday's post, I shared how I recently began to land $100/article SEO writing jobs. I promised to share with you how I got there.

I did so in a lengthy post over at today entitled, SEO Copywriting Rates: How to Get $100/Article or More. Enjoy -- and implement!

Inkwell Editorial News: Following are a few things I want to bring you up to date on.

I. New Blog: My new blog design has been completed, but I won't be unveiling it until around the new year. Why the delay? I'm not comfortable working with Wordpress, and will be taking a class this fall.

To explain in more detail, because I've used FrontPage for years, I'm used to customizing my sites the way I want. I don't like having to rely on a designer to implement every little change I need. So I've decided to go this route because there's tons of stuff that I will need for my site to do. It would cost a small fortune if I paid someone to implement everything.

II. Newsletter: I was supposed to publish the August edition of Inkwell Editorial's newsletter today with the affiliate interviews. I'm delaying this until September because I've been swamped with internal company projects this summer: ie, writing new ebooks; setting up Inkwell's affiliate program; and overseeing the blog redesign.

This hasn't left much time to properly interview the affiliate marketers I've lined up.

Also, Labor Day is coming up (Sept 1st) and I know many of you are already in end-of-summer, holiday mode. The next newsletter will be published on Wednesday, 9/24. By then, we'll be in the thick of the "get back to work season," when many of you will be fully focused on business again.

Publishing the newsletter today would have been a disservice to readers to some degree. And if I'd be paying attention when I marked the date, I would have realized that. My mea culpa.

If you haven't already, enjoy the latest issue of the newsletter, which contains links to all previous issues -- that's over a year of freelance writing news at your fingertips!

III. Inkwell Editorial Now Has an Affiliate Program: Did you know that if you sign up, you can get all of Inkwell Editorial’s ebooks on freelance writing for one low price ($39.95)? You can! It’s a limited time offer, so check out the details.

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