Friday, August 15, 2008

Get all of IW’s Ebooks for Only $39.95: Ebook Affiliate Program Details

If you have a blog or website, one of the best ways to make passive income is to promote affiliate products. That’s why you see so many sites with those Google ads. Even though they produce mere pennies for most, it’s pennies that don’t have to be worked for (I make like “utility bill” and “girls night out” money from my site). Can you do better? Yes!

I’ve spent all day setting up the affiliate program for Inkwell Editorial’s ebooks. I’ll upload the freelance writing e-course to e-Junkie this weekend so it can be sold as an affiliate product. The price will be raised to $495, so you’ll jump for joy when you sell this “Freelance Writing Career in a Click,“ my tag line for it. But . . .

Affiliate Program Kickoff Deal

"Don’t sign up yet . . . I have a deal for you!"

One of the most effective ways to sell affiliate products is to try them out, right? But, who has the money to buy every affiliate product they may want to promote? I know I wouldn’t. Freelance writing is a niche where buyers are very discerning.

To ensure maximum success for affiliates, I’m going to give everyone who wants to sign up as an affiliate a chance to purchase everything in the IW library for one low price ($39.95).

That’s every product Inkwell Editorial currently offers for $39.95 (of course, you don‘t get the free website or marketing tutorial offered with the freelance writing e-course). Deal expires on Monday, August 25th at 9am.

What’s the Catch?

As I alluded to earlier, testimonials and reviews are the best way to promote an affiliate product. To write effective ones, you need to know what the products are all about. So there’s no catch at all. I just want to give you a chance to review the ebooks so you can tell potential purchasers about them in your own words.

A 100% Affiliate Payout?

And I’m even going one step further, you get a chance to make your money back on your first sale. You will keep 100% of your first sale. No matter how much it is, 100% of your first sale will be paid to you (minus payment processing fees charged by, for example, PayPal).

How much can that 100% payout* be? As an example, if you sell the freelance writing e-course for $495, you will keep all of that. Sometimes, purchasers will buy more than one item under your affiliate link. So, for example, if they buy the SEO writing ebook ($39.95), and the Freelance Writing Ebook Package ($37) you will make $76.95.

Note: You are NOT obligated to purchase anything to become an affiliate. It’s absolutely free. You can just refer purchasers to the informational page I’ve written for each product.

How Do I Sign Up?

It will really be as simple as cutting and pasting a link on your site (which I will provide when the program officially opens). The reason I don’t want you to sign up now is because I’m still fine tuning some of the affiliate sales tools (discussed below). The program will be ready to go on Monday, August 25th.

“If I can’t sign up now, why are you telling me about it?”

One reason is, I opened my big mouth and promised to bring you more info on it in Wednesday’s blog post. And I like to keep my word. Also though, I wanted to give you a chance to take advantage of the deal discussed above and start formulating your affiliate marketing plan.

Coming Monday 8/25! Affiliate Tools to Help You Sell More

How to Write Effective Ebook Reviews: Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak

10 FREE Things You Can Do to Sell More as an Affiliate Marketer: A Special Inkwell Editorial Affiliate Report.

This detailed report will dispense techniques I’ve been using to successfully promote my ebooks since 2004. It will discuss for example, why it’s important to mix high-priced and low-priced items, why you should “niche” it, why you should mention the “bad” points of a product, and much more.

How to Set Up a Virtual Freelance Writing Bookstore: Sell More in One Fell Swoop!

How to Put Together an Affiliate Marketing Plan: Chart Your Way to Affiliate Success

How to Get all of Inkwell Editorial’s Ebooks for Only $39.95!

To take advantage of this affiliate kickstart offer, just purchase the SEO writing ebook found on the IW order page (IW-11) (it will be delivered instantly via automatic download). All other ebooks will be emailed on 8/25, after you've signed up as an affiliate (they will be manually processed). I’ll be able to track who’s eligible for the affiliate “give back” from the dates you place an order for this specific ebook.

Remember, this offer is valid until Monday, August 25th at 9am EST if you sign up as an affiliate.

*100% Affiliate Program Payout Note. You are only eligible for the 100% affiliate payout if you take advantage of the special offer that runs from today until 8/25 at 9am EST.

Comments, Feedback, Suggestions

I’ve done a lot of research on affiliate marketing since the beginning of the year -- from two perspectives: (i) as a product developer; and (ii) as an affiliate seller.

I say this to encourage comments, feedbacks and suggestions because it’s all new to me as a product developer. I’ve tried to put together the most comprehensive, rewarding program -- with the right affiliate sales tools -- to help participants succeed. I’m all ears for feedback though.

Have a good weekend everybody -- I’m exhausted (writing for 10 straight hours will take it out of ya boy!).

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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