Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Is SEO Writing? What is SEO Copywriting?

I've gotten this question from 4-5 people since I wrote yesterday's post on how I got to the $100/article mark for my SEO writing. Beause I work in this niche, I kinda take for granted that everybody knows what SEO writing is all about.

So, when I received the latest query from a freelance journalist in New Zealand, I thought, "Mmmm, better explain yourself missy!"

As I hadn't planned to update the blog today b/c I'm pressed for time, here is the answer I forwarded to her, with some links to tons of stuff. After all the source reading you'll be directed to, not only will you know what SEO copywriting is all about, you'll know what to charge, types of projects to expect and much more. I thought the query was kinda funny, so I've pasted a portion of it below:

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Reader Query about what SEO writing is. She wrote:

I'm a freelance journalist based in New Zealand. I have been perusing your website and am keen to purchase some of your e-books. But I have a query - nowhere does it explain what SOE [sic] means! Sorry if this sounds really stupid - but I have not idea what it stands for - if you could explain that would be great. (Here it means State Owned Enterprise).
I responded:

Thank you for your interest in my products/services. Regarding your query, there are no stupid questions in my book. If you don't know, the best thing you can do is ask. So, thanks for asking!

To learn the basics of what SEO copywriting is all about, start with the article How to Write SEO Articles in 4 Easy Steps. It's a link to one of my articles on

List of all the Pages on about SEO Writing

After you read this, you can find all of my articles on SEO writing on

How to Find all the Pages on that Discuss SEO Writing

1) Simply go to the home page of and look for the Google Search box (bottom of home page).

2) Type "SEO" into the box and make sure "" is checked, NOT "Web".

3) Click "Search".

A list of pages will pop up. Be sure to cursor down and click on articles listed below this title bar:
Web Results 1 - 10 of about 67 from for "seo". (0.66 seconds)

FYI, some articles will be directly relevant; others will be peripherally so. But you'll have the complete library of what I've written on SEO copywriting right there in front of you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yuwanda,

So I bought your Ebook a while back and business is great!!! Rather than just contacting SEO companies, I have been posting classified ads and using some Google Adwords credit. That has gotten me a lot of clients. Having a website makes a world of a difference.

Anyway, when you sent "cold" emails to SEO companies did you ever get any sassy replies? So far everyone has been cordial but this one guy told me that SEO copywriting is a joke and that it takes no skills to add some keywords to writing. He said that since he is an SEO, he can smell B.S. It's odd because most SEO companies advertise this kind of writing as such. Man, what a grump though! It got me thinking though... is SEO copywriting a misleading term for those who don't know the difference between SEO firms and SEO writing firms?


Yuwanda Black said...


Glad to hear that things are going so well for you. That's great!

As for your question, no, it's not a misleading term -- it's the correct term, even though many refer to us as web writers, article writers and SEO content providers. BUT, SEO Copywriter is the real title.

This guy was just an ass, that's all. And contrary to what he thinks -- and you and I know -- SEO writing is a true skill that has nothing to do with "just adding keyword phrases to copy."

While that's all some clients require, that's fast becoming a thing of the past.

As you said, he was just a grump. Thank goodness he didn't need your services -- he'd have been a pain in the patootie to work for AND he probably only pays pennies. I say good riddance!

Continued success to you. That's great to hear.


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