Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to Convince Clients That You’re the Right Writer for the Job

A running theme through a lot of the emails I receive from freelance writers – especially those who are just starting out – is a lack of confidence.

Whether it’s the, “I didn’t know what they meant by that,” in response to a client query, or “What should I charge for this job?” in putting together a proposal, the underlying problem is not a lack of knowledge or the price that should be charged, it’s the lack of confidence in the freelance writer.

If You Don’t Believe In Yourself, Why Should the Client?

Confidence is a must as a freelance writer. You’ll not only need it as far as your writing ability is concerned, but you’ll need it to price jobs, to go after assignments you may not be “qualified for”, to say NO to jobs that pay too little, to stand up to other freelance writers who wonder why you charge X. Read the rest here.

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1 comment:

Your Marketing Coach said...

Hi Yuwanda,

I agree that what prevents numerous freelance writers from having a successful writing business is lack of self-confidence. But lack of confidence also comes from lack of experience.

That said, it's highly important freelance writers continue developing their writing skills. This can be done by reading articles, taking classes, and following the steps and advice of other successful freelance writers.

So writers. . . Keep learning. Practice what you learn. Focus on success and refuse to accept failure as an alternative.

Do this and you'll not only convince potential clients that you're the right writer for the job, you will be.

All the best!
Sonya Carmichael Jones