Tuesday, June 03, 2008

$5,000 for a 500-Word Article: The Ultimate Article Writing Gig!

That title may be the ultimate link bait title.

But, it is a real gig. AssociatedContent.com is having a contest, and today is the day to write and submit your article. It pays $5,000 to the winner. FYI, you can write an article or submit a video or audio. Following are the rules.

The Ultimate Call: Enter to Win $5,000 on June 3!

The Ultimate Call for Content Contest: Every day, you have the opportunity to go beyond your own choice of what to publish and pick up one of our many Calls for Content.

On Tuesday, June 3 — in conjunction with Internet Week New York — Associated Content will release its biggest call ever:One call worth $5,000. The call will be released at 9 a.m. ET on June 3. Then, you will have until midnight ET to submit your entry. You are limited to one entry.

With a theme of "What's Next?" appropriate to Internet Week, here is the assignment:

Pick any topic or subject you have enthusiasm or expertise in. Then, project ahead to next year, and explain — in a text article, video or audio clip — why that topic will be relevant to online consumers who search for content related to it.

The topic can be a person, a destination, an event, a technology, a trend, even a "how-to" — any unique topic you think will break through with people in a new way in the next year. Text submissions are limited to 400-500 words. (Video and audio must not be longer than 2 minutes.)

Submissions will be judged on a combination of quality: originality, clarity, enterprise, usefulness, discoverability and overall readability (or, for video or audio, accessible presentation). After being reviewed by our Content Managers and, ultimately, a panel of expert judges, one content submission will earn its Content Producer a $5,000 payment. All other entries will earn Performance Payments.

Important: To enter the contest, go to AssociatedContent.com, you must claim the call on June 3 and submit your content by clicking on the "Submit" button to the right of the claimed call. Do no submit by selecting a template from the Publish tab.

I know I'll be getting my entry in. Good luck everbody!

Article Marketing Contest Update: I posted the article, Make Money Online: What is Microblogging & Why Should You Care? to Amazines last night. Want to know more about article marketing? Click here.

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