Monday, December 18, 2006

Freelance E-Writing Course Full!


The writing e-course, Launch a Profitable Freelance Writing Career in 30 Days or Less -- Guaranteed -- or Your Money Back!, is full. I have started a waiting list, just in case anyone cancels.

To be put on the waiting list, you must pay in full (simply register as if the class wasn't full). If you don't get in, your money will be refunded three days before the start of the class (January 26th). Class starts on January 29th.


Why do I have to pay first if I am only going to be on the waiting list? Simple administrative management. Pre-payment prevents me from having to call everyone to see if they're still interested. It's easier to simply refund money to those who didn't get in.

When will another class be offered? I haven't decided yet. I schedule classes around my projects. However, it will probably be in the summer, when it slows down again.

Can I pre-register for upcoming classes? Unfortunately, no. I like to give a firm date before accepting any payment. It's only fair to you -- and me. Eg, if I get busy, then I won't have to cancel. As the classes are very hands on, once I schedule a class, I create my entire agenda around it.

Feel free to email me with further questions.

Editorially yours,
Y. Black, Publisher

PERSONAL NOTE: I haven't posted lately because I took a mini working vacation to the fabulous city that is New York (especially fabulous this time of year). To get back and find my e-writing course full -- well, Santa blessed me early this year. I appreciate the vigor with which readers trust my experiences -- and the knowledge I try to diligently pass on. Thank you!

FYI, if you haven't seen the tree at Rockefeller Center -- do it (it's gorgeous).

If you haven't taken your kids to see Santa at Macy's -- do it! (Or, see Santa for yourself!).

If you haven't walked hand in hand with the one you love thru the amazing city that is New York -- put on those walking shoes and walk it out!

If you haven't seen firefighters -- right across from ground zero -- with smiles on their faces -- see it!

If you haven't laughed as hard as you can with friends at dinner over margaritas -- plan it!

My message, the holidays are really about the simple things in life. I feel like I already had Christmas, b/c I experienced all the things that make it joyful for me. I hope you have the occasion to do the same.

Tomorrow: The free e-book on article marketing should finally be ready for distribution.

The rest of the week: More freelance marketing wisdom!

Vacationally yours,
Y. Black, Publisher
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