Wednesday, August 22, 2007

40 Days to a Successful Freelance Writing Career

As most readers of this blog are aware, Inkwell Editorial will put on a freelance writing seminar in October in Atlanta. Details.

Freelance writing (annual reports, web content, speeches, etc.) can be very lucrative. And, anyone can be successful at it -- with the right information.

Many have inquired about what will be discussed at the seminar. So, in order to answer your questions, and to get you prepared for what to expect, I'm starting a series of posts here entitled "40 Days to a Successful Freelance Writing Career."

How to Start -- and Maintain -- a Successful Freelance Career

Every post will discuss some aspect of how to go about starting -- and maintaining -- a successful freelance career. While the main focus will be on freelance writing, the insight gained can be applied to any type of creative freelancing, eg, editing, illustrating, web design, proofreading, etc.

Mind Games: Getting inside the mind of your clients

The first post will discuss the psychographics of clients. What are psychographics?

As defined on Wikipedia, it's "Psychographics identify personality characteristics and attitudes that affect a person's lifestyle and purchasing behaviour."

Most don't even begin to think of this when they start out. But, I'm telling you from personal experience, when you start to tap into this, "selling" clients on your services will be 90% easier.

What Do You Want to Know about Freelancing?

This will be an interactive series, so if you have questions, comments or observations, send them in. Email them to info [at]

Want to learn exactly what to do to earn $100, $150, $200/day or more as a freelance writer, editor and/or copy editor? Inkwell Editorial's upcoming Freelance Writing Seminar will tell you how. Details. It's a career anyone who can read and write can start -- with the right information.
Freelance tip of the day: Record your ideas as they come to you. A great marketing idea occurred to me today as I was driving. Before I could get home to write it down, it slipped my mind.

I carry a notepad with me at all times, but as I was driving and my bag was out of reach, I couldn't write it down. I was so frustrated as I wracked my brain trying to remember what it was. Usually, my ideas surface after a few days when I lose them, but losing them is not something I commonly leave to chance.

Lesson for me: Buy replacement batteries for my little hand-held recorder. They died a few months ago and I have yet to buy new ones. Today was the first time that it really bit me in the patootie! Rats!

Today, forgetfully yours,
Yuwanda Black, Publisher
Upcoming Features in Inkwell Editorial’s Newsletter

September 12: Gordon Graham. We ring in the “editorial season” by interviewing Gordon Graham, aka “that white paper guy.” Gordon writes and edits white papers and case studies. He charges $90/hour just to edit a white paper and a minimum of $4,000 to produce a white paper from scratch.

Now, do you see why I had to interview him?! Most freelancers don’t even dream of making this type of money. I can’t wait for this interview.

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