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How to Find Undiscovered Freelance Writing Jobs

Finding freelance writing jobs is time-consuming and frustrating. Take for example It practically has a monopoly on freelance writing gigs. By the time you get to apply though, the listings have either disappeared or the job poster has been so inundated with requests that you have a poor chance of landing a gig.

Many major sites have what I called “undiscovered” freelance writing jobs, though. Take Constant-Content and their Requested Content. What exactly is “Requested Content” on It is explained this way on the site:

Our request system sets us apart from other web content sites. You can specify your exact needs including word count, desired keywords, topics, and anything else you may need and a call will go out to our stable of writers. The writers will put together articles and post them directly to your request. If you like what you see, you can purchase the article. If you don't, you're under no obligation whatsoever. You can even post a private request to a specific writer. For example, if you've found a writer here that writes in a style you like, you can specifically ask that writer to work on a project with you.
To learn more, click here. I find these offers interesting because they beat the rates offered on sites like Elance and GetaFreelancer which I, quite frankly, find sickening.

So, today’s list of freelance writing jobs comes from the Requested Content category on Note: You must sign up to the site to be eligible for these offers. And, you can sign up to receive them directly in your inbox as soon as they are posted.

Find Paid Freelance Writing Assignments Fairly Quickly

I receive roughly 10-20 requests a week from the Requested Content category on CC, so it seems like a good opportunity to start getting some paid work fairly quickly if you apply to enough of them. The topics are wide ranging too – from baby stuff to light erotica (no kidding!).

Good luck in landing a gig here, and if you do, let me know about it so I can share it with others, a la “SEO Mary.” Speaking of her, I’ll give an update tomorrow. You can follow this series from the beginning via the following links: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V.

Freelance Writing Jobs from Constant-Content

Title: Baby Gifts
Description: Gifts for Children and New Babies.
Amount of articles: One
Price per article: $20-30
Length of article: 400
Subjects: Must include references to personalised baby cardigans, personalised baby blankets, embroidered blankets, baby gifts
Extra notes: Must not be copied as this is for a website.

Title: Irish Collectibles
Description: I need a piece written in word format on Irish Collectibles to include references to the Penny Black Stamp and Irish Currency pre Euro.
Amount of articles: One
Price per article: $20-30
Length of article: 400
Subjects: Irish Collectibles (the american spelling)
Extra notes: I need a piece written in word format on Irish Collectibles to include references to the Penny Black Stamp and Irish Currency pre Euro. Must not be copied as this is for a website.

Title: Real Estate Article Needed for Mortgage Website
Description: Wanted: A real estate article focusing on the pending rate cut and potential impacts to the housing market. For Unique Usage.Amount of articles: 1Price per article: $50-100Length of article: 500-700Subjects: Real Estate, housing market, federal reserveExtra notes: Deadline 02/29/08 for a newsletterTitle: insurance news article, pr, letters, marketing letter, etc....Description: We are looking for a long term business relationship with a reliable writing facility that can assist us with our insurance news website (under construction, it will be live in a few weeks). The task involves: Daily News/Article (300 to 350 words per article) in response to national or local national events pertaining to property and casualty insurance and a few general marketing news/articles. We’ll provide you with the news leads as they come off the press 24/7. Turn-around time for the news/articles from the time you receive the lead from our office may not exceed ten hours. For all other writing needs, twenty four hours turn-around will do. Also need assistance with all other writing needs including PR, letters, memos, marketing letters, etc... . This is a large volume job so we are looking for good rates. Number of news/article is around 20 to 25 per month. If interested, please provide rates and current article sample (any article, at this time does not have to be insurance related. However, in the near future, sample insurance news will be needed to assess capabilities), and contingency plans to avoid interruptions of articles daily arrivals. We will have full ownership to all writings with no exceptions. Thanks, Joseph. PS Price listed below is not accurate. The bid is open.
Amount of articles: 20 to 30 per month
Price per article: $20-30
Length of article: 300 to 350

Title: The sound of rain (fantasy)
Description: A couple gets caught in the rain and turns it into a pleasure moment.
Amount of articles: 1
Price per article: $10-20
Length of article: 700 - 900
Subjects: A couple gets caught in the rain, the setting can be anywhere, the beach, a park anywhere. We leave that up to you.
Extra notes: none

Title: Bahama Loving (fantasy)
Description: We would like a fantasy that takes place in the bahamas while a couple is away on vacation. We are leaving all other details up to the writter.
Amount of articles: 1
Price per article: $10-20
Length of article: 700 - 900
Subjects: fantasy
Extra notes: If you have any questions please let me know.

Title: Weekly Travel Articles
Description: 1,000 word weekly travel articles
Amount of articles: 2 weekly-on-going
Price per article: $50-100
Length of article: 1000 words
Subjects: All cities in the world.
Extra notes: I had an on-going request set up on your system, and was buying articles from a constant content writer. This request was taken down at the end of last year.

Title: Resources for entrepreneurs trying to raise venture capital
Description: I am creating a website for a venture capital group and would like to compile "resources" for entrepreneurs who visit the site...the group is focused on providing seed money for mobile web and online marketing companies...topics could include business planning (business plan writing), how to get venture capital, general advice within these realms, etc...thank you!
Amount of articles: 3 - 10
Price per article: $50-100
Length of article: Negotiable depending on price, topic, qualitySubjects: Business planning, Writing a business plan, Obtaining venture capital, General advice for Internet/Mobile Web entrepreneurs

Title: Home Inspection
Description: How to Hire a Home Inspector Query. is developing a series of articles on buying and selling homes. We are looking for a 500-word article on hiring a certified home inspector. This article should provide an excellent description of the difference between certified and uncertified home inspectors, along with good advice on what to expect from a certified home inspector, how to prepare for the inspector’s visit, and what questions to ask when the inspector is at your home.
Amount of articles: 1
Price per article: $20-30
Length of article: 500
Subjects: Home inspection, choosing a home inspector, certified home inspector, prepare for home inspection
Extra notes: This article must contain 100% original material, and we will purchase full rights. Writers whose samples are well-written, require minimal edits, and contain an authoritative but lively voice will be contacted privately for ongoing work.

Title: Articles
Description: Need unique content for new advisory website on file extension types. Articles to be 475-500 words; must include full rights.
Amount of articles: 15
Price per article: $30-40
Length of article: 475-500
Subjects: Fact based, informational articles. Content must be unique, no filler, little repetition within each article and between each of the 15. Content must be reader-friendly and professional.
Extra notes: file extension xls, file extension pps, file extension dat, file extension bup, file extension odt, file extension db, file extension wmv, file extension m4v, file extension ofx, file extension aspx, file extension the, file extension dll, file extension bin, file extension pdf

Title: Getting Started with PPC Advertising
Description: We need a good, in-depth and step-by-step article/guide about getting started with PPC advertising. This would be targeting small businesses who want to start advertising using Google or Yahoo, and don't really know what all the terminology is, how it works, etc. This could be a pre-cursor to a second article about more advnaced techniques, management tools, etc.
Amount of articles: 1
Price per article: $40-50
Length of article: 800-1000+
Subjects: PPC, Adwords, small business, marketing, advertising
Extra notes: none

Title: What they meant to the game
Description: A story of the biggest impacts that people have made to the game of football. Email me for details, I have alot of subject matter for this one.
Amount of articles: 1
Price per article: $50-$100
Length of article: 850
Subjects: Impactful people
Extra notes: Email me for details, I have alot of subject matter for this one.

Title: fitness / bodybuilding / steroids articles needed
Description: Hello, We are looking for a few writers to help us develop site content and related articles. We have reading material we can give and would like our own articles for the web site and online magazine made out of this material. The price per article would depend on the size and topic covered, don’t want to limit anything at this point because we are in need of many topics right now. If you are interested in discussing this further please let us know
Amount of articles: unlimited
Price per article: $10-20
Length of article: approx 1000
Subjects: Fitness, Bodybuilding, Steroids, Everything in between
Extra notes: Everything in between

Title: Review of Weebly
Description: I'm looking for a good, two-sided review (pros and cons) of Weebly ( This is geared toward small businesses who might consider it as an option for publishing their website.
Amount of articles: 1
Price per article: $30-40
Length of article: 500+
Subjects: review
Extra notes: Deadline is March 7th.

Title: Home Ownership Accelerator
Description: Need an article that ties into our new product: "Home Ownership Accelerator." See for specifics.
Amount of articles: 3
Price per article: $10-20
Length of article: 300
Subjects: Home Ownership Accelerator
Extra notes: None

For all Requested Content offers on, click here. Disclaimer: I’ve haven’t taken advantage of any of these offers. But, many of them say they want to “develop a relationship with a few good writers.” So, it's worth checking out.

Re finding work on Craigslist, read this article to improve your chances of landing a gig.

Hope everyone is having a productive Thursday. I'm still on the hunt for my motivation, which I seem to have misplaced in the last week or so.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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