Friday, February 29, 2008

SEO Writing: A Case Study Continued

Today we check in on SEO Mary. Who is she? What’s she all about. To read the entire series from the beginning, following these links: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V. Following is the latest installment, Part VI.

The last time we left SEO Mary, she was having problems completing her first assignment from her first client.

She wrote:


... he's [the client] sent back my first piece TWICE for a re-write. The first one he said was too article-like/blog post-like for a category page. The second was too keyword heavy and wasn't talking TO the site's potential clients, but AT them. All well and good and I'm happy to rework them. We even chatted on the phone tonight and I got more feedback and I've just sent off the piece again.

In addition to (or perhaps, because of) client problems, doubt had started to creep in on Mary. She addressed this by writing:


A small part of me worries that I just won't "get" this. But I know that's impossible. I may make mistakes and missteps and very possibly lose a client -- or two or three or four or even five -- before I do "get" it. But I'm not giving up. I've set a deadline: If I'm not making at least $250/week by April 5 (three months after my first query), I may decide to hang it up.

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Monday's Post: I've got my hackles up a bit. About what? Well, twice this week I've been offered writing "opportunities." I'll share my thoughts on Monday about why opportunities is in quotation marks and why I got so pissed!

In the meantime, have a good weekend everybody. I have a minor road trip coming up. Me and my sister who lives in the same subdivision as I do are going to see our baby sister (baby to me b/c she's almost 15 years younger), who lives a couple of hours away. Yeah for road trips -- I love'em!

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