Saturday, February 02, 2008

When a Deadline Interferes w/a Promise to a Lover

The Results of My “What Happened When You Just Can’t Get Going on a Project” Post

In my last post, I was griping about a major project I had due that I just couldn’t seem to get going on. To my surprise, quite a few emailed me wanting to know what happened. So, here goes.
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I blew the deadline. I turned in 20 of the 26 pages of copy that was due. But, I blew it not because I couldn’t finish, but because of a family commitment, which brings me to a topic I’d been wanting to write on anyway (funny how the universe just lines things up sometime).

When a Deadline Interferes with a Promise to a Lover

First, some background. I’m engaged and I have no children, so that’s not a problem (parents have different, more pressing needs they can’t ignore). I live with my fiancé. We work different schedules – he’s on third shift and of course, I work during the day -- from home. Complicating matters even more, my fiance’s schedule fluctuates (he never has the same days off from week to week).

That being said, we don’t get to spend that much time together – and I’m talking about time where both of us are alert and feel like doing something other than vegging on the couch and falling asleep on a movie.

Yesterday, when this project was due, I had promised him that I would log off by 7pm at the latest so that we could have our planned date night. We do our best to squeeze one of these in at least every two weeks. It was once a week, but it just never worked out, so we try do something together at least twice a month.

Keeping Promises to Keep a Love Life

I could have begged off “date night” and he would have understood (he accepts that I’m a workaholic), but I’ve been crazy busy lately and even the hour or two we try to grab in the evenings before he goes to work hasn’t been happening lately.

So, for one of the few times in my life, I put my relationship above a deadline. I sent the 20 articles I had finished to the client along with a note that the remainder would follow today – and they did.

A Wrinkle in the Project

So, I log on to send the remainder of the articles in, and there’s a note from the client. He wants me to hold up on the remaining articles (the ones I finished up and sent) because he needs to talk to me about the project. I’m thinking, what can it be?

The missed deadline, the articles I sent in, the other websites he wants me to work on . . . what? My gut's telling me it's something else . . . based on past experiences I've had with him.

Stay tuned for the remainder of the story on Monday. Keeping further promises, I have to have dinner with my fiancé before he goes to work. And, as I put in about 70 hours last week, I’ve promised myself that I won’t log on at all tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody and I promise to catch you up on Monday.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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