Monday, May 19, 2008

Drive Traffic to Your Site/Blog: Join the Article Marketing Contest!

In the most recent post, I forgot to report my article marekting contest posting for today. My search engine stats have increased yet again. As I reported in the inital post, my results were boosted by 1,000 in only 3 days of article marketing.

Today, I checked again, and it's grown from 26,200 results returned last Thursday, to 26,500 today -- 300 more searches returned. Read the initial post about the contest to see what all this means.

Today's Article Marketing Entry: I posted the article 3 Reasons to Write for Low-Paying Online Sites to two article directories today -- IdeaMarketers and Amazines. In the initial post entry, the top 10 article banks are listed so you can choose which ones you want to submit to -- or get really ambitious and submit to all of them!

Want to learn more about article marketing? Get the ebook, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Article Marketing: Results of a 30-day article marketing experiment, here.

Where did YOU post today? (If you haven't started, it's not too late to get that search engine juice flowing!)

P.S.: On 4/30/08, Inkwell Editorial's blog moved to WordPress. We're having some technical difficulty, so I'll be posting here until it's resolved. You didn't really think I'd let a lil ole thing like WordPress technical difficulty keep me off the information superhighway, did ya?!

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