Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why Darren Rowse & John Chow Scare Me: How Guest Blogging Helped Me to Overcome Fear

Today's post covers how I recently stared a fear I harbored right in the screen (face) -- and backed it down!

Have you ever been afraid to approach a popular site because you think, "What if my content isn't good enough; what if I get turned down; or, my stuff will never make it onto that blog."

John over at Poewar recently wrote about this in his post, Fear and the Guest Blogger. Well, I'd faced this a couple of weeks ago, with some amazing results. Out of 8 guest posts I've sent out, 5 have been picked up, with one leading to the possiblity of a regular writing gig for a large online career site.

Talk about confronting fears paying off! Read all about it in today's post, Why Darren Rowse and John Chow Scare Me: How Guest Blogging Helped Me to Overcome Fear. The article also covers guest blogging rules and some open guest blogging opportunities.

How 1 Freelancer Netted Enough Clients in 12 Hours to Hand in His 2 Week’s Notice the Next Day

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Article Marketing Contest Update: I submitted the article How to Let Go of the Fear of Starting a Fulltime Freelance Writing Career to and today.

REMINDER: I've left wordpress (read why in this issue of the newsletter) and will continue to blog here -- for at least the next three to four months, if not longer. This URL has good search engine juice, and until I can get my new blog established, I'm just gonna keep updating this one.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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Poewar said...

I'm glad I could help you deal with the fear. I'm also very sorry top hear about your troubles at

Yuwanda Black said...

In the end, my Wordpress problems are my own fault John. It forced me to do what I should have from jump -- get my own domain (as you recommended in Blog Madness).

And yeah, that post on fear was something. I see a lot of us harbor insecurities. Your post made some of us face up to them.

Keep great content like this coming.