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Lessons from a Busy SEO Copywriter; Q&A w/ a New SEO Copywriter

This blogger is one of my favorites because we seem to share the same mindset on this profession. If you're wondering how to get busy finding work as an SEO copywriter -- or searching for any type of freelance writing jobs -- read Do You Have the Attitude to be a Successful Freelance Writer in 2009?

SEO Copywriting Success Tip

To be successful in this business, you have to know your stuff. I do a lot of reading on SEO -- here's an an interesting read: Your Site is SEO Optimized But is it Search Engine Friendly.

Q & A with a New SEO Copywriter

Question: Many Internet marketers hire writers on for $10 to $15 per article at the most. In fact, hiring a writer for that much means the writer is very talented in the eyes of the Web marketer. If a marketer gives a writer steady work, the writer will tend to lessen his/her rate to like $7 or $8 per article. I’ve even heard of some writers going as low as $1.00 USD! (These writers tend to be non-US and non-native English speakers, though.)

With that as context, here’s my question: Why would a SEO company hire a writer for $25 to $45 (or even $50 per article)? What am I missing here? . . . I’d appreciate any clarification.

My Answer: One of the reasons I tell SEO writers to stay away from sites like Elance is that companies that go there are looking for quantity, not quality. And, this is why my marketing plan advises that you target companies directly.

Many companies will give these types of sites a try; once they get burned a few times by low quality, they then look for professionals. THAT's why they'll pay you $25, $35 or more for an article -- they care about quality. For more, read this article: Get $100 Per SEO Article - How to Become a Highly Paid SEO Writer There's a market for both -- remember, there are freelance writers who get paid $1, $2 or more per word. It's all in who you target with your marketing. Hope this helps to clarify things.

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Happy Friday everybody. I'm knocking off early -- this week has been exhausting!

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