Wednesday, January 07, 2009

SEO Copywriters: Want to Make an Extra $61,880 This Year?

I've been woefully neglecting my own blog, but busy as a bee at others. You can find the post mentioned in the title at Copyblogger. SEO copywriting is a lucrative freelance writing niche -- if you know how to market to get the work. I lay it all out in this post.

How effective was this post? Got three client queries, landed two new clients and added new subscribers -- to my newsletter and Twitter.

Do you fear/dread competition as a freelance writer?

Moving on, over at, I addressed the fear of competition that a lot of freelance writers have. It's unfounded, for the reasons I list in the post ATTN: Writers & Bloggers: 3 More Reasons to Start Freelancing – Now!

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I'm dying for a glass of wine, but have to get my workout in first -- rats! Until next time.

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