Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 Scams Freelance Writers Need to Be Aware of Immediately

As the economy worsens, the online scam artists come out in full force. I'm pretty used to online scams -- and how to avoid them. But, I received two variations of some old ones that were pretty convincing in my inbox this morning. So, I took a chunk out of my day to write up a pretty extensive article detailing them -- and how to avoid them.

I posted this piece on so it could reach as many freelance writers as possible. Read AssociatedContent and PayPal Scams: How to Keep Your Online Earnings Safe 100% of the Time for full details.

I know a lot of us freelance writers use these two sites. So feel free to pass this along to any of your friends -- even friends who aren't writers as there are some concrete actions suggested that can keep your money accounts safe online.

Want to Immediately Make More Money as a Freelance Writer?

Moving on to a different topic, yesterday, I wrote a post on entitled, Freelance Writers: How to Immediately Make More Money. It's kind of a case study in when to say no to a client; when to cut them loose. Very insightful if you have clients who suck you dry in the time department.

How to Use Traditional Media Tactics to Make Your Blog Stand Out, Get More Traffic and Increase Sales

This was another post I did over at BloggingTips this week. A few readers have commented on the "tie in" tip. What is it? Read the post to find out. This never occurs to a lot of bloggers, but is a trick used by "traditional" journalists all the time.

Aw Shucks, You Made Me Blush!
(and yes, black people do blush! :-))

I receive a lot of flattering emails from readers of my blog, websites and hundreds of articles distributed via article directories. This is one of my favorites: Every time I read one of your articles, I bow to your insightfulness! As always, thank you so much for all you share :-)

Thanks Herstory (a fellow AC writer). Learn more about her here.

While I don't do unique posts here often anymore (that'll change as soon as I can catch my breath this year), I do try to keep you updated. And remember, if you want to submit a guest post, I'm all for it!

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Ambrosia said...

I really liked your article about email scams. I get these often too and it's odd to think people actually fall for that stuff.

I tend to not even open questionable emails...they go straight to spam. When people call my house (because they got my info from buying it when I request info about something), they will aggressively pitch "only pay $1.50 for s/h", I always tell them firmly, NO and please take my number off the list.

It's good advice to not give info unless you initiate contact. I never do and that's how I manage to avoid the whole ugliness.

Once again, great post!

Janey said...

Very good blog and useful post. It's amazing how many 'employers' think that writers don't need to pay bills and get very arsey when the promise of 'a reference' or 'revenue blah' is turned down. Nobody hires a plumber expecting them to work for 'the experience' do they?

The other thing I hate is the proliferation of bidding sites where the person prepared to do a massive job for 2.99 is the one who gets the job! Total insult.