Monday, January 05, 2009

How I Lost $26,000-$39,000 in Online Income Last Year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a safe holiday season, and are looking forward to a profitable New Year.

Now, on to the title of today's post. My post today details how I shot myself in the foot -- losing $26,000-$39,000 in online income last year. Ouch! But, I have a game plan moving forward to rectify that, you'd better believe. Read How I Lost $26,000-$39,000 in Online Income Last Year to find out what it is -- and to find out where you may be losing money online too.

Advice for New Freelance Writers on Getting Started

This past weekend, I spent some time answering emails sent in from new and experienced freelancers alike. I wrote an article in response to one and posted it on because I get this kind of question a lot -- especially this time of year, particularly from newbies. The wannabe freelance writer wrote, in part:

I would love to start out in the freelance field. I am afraid that my previous work experience will limit my chances. I have done the research on freelance writers and their previous work experience surpasses mine. I have only worked in menial jobs making little or no money. I don't know how to market myself in this field where the people have PH.'D's masters and bachelors [sic].

I find that the number one thing missing in most freelance writers -- newbies and experienced alike -- is a lack of self confidence. I know I've written it before, but to risk repeating myself -- you must, must, must develop confidence in yourself if you're going to strike out on your own -- no matter what kind of business it is.

Is it easy? No. But, have the courage to take the first steps. You're going to make mistakes, but if you never take the leap, you can't start learning from them. With each mistake, you learn. The more you learn, the more confident you become.

Read my full response in the article, New Freelance Writers: How to Compete with More Experienced, Better Educated Writers.

What I'm Up to This New Year

Affiliate Marketing: I'm getting serious this year about upping my passive income. I squeezed in some affiliate marketing over the holidays -- and to my amazing surprise, made a few hundred bucks in just a few days. If this continues, it's going to make me shift some priorities, but I'm containing my excitement for now.

Marketing New Media Words: Most of my attention is spent on client projects garnered through my SEO writing and internet marketing firm, New Media Words. The company just landed a new client -- which is a welcome start to the New Year.

Writing More Ebooks: I've kind of let getting new titles out slip thorugh the cracks. The latter part of last year was a bit crazy. But, I'm going to get back on track, as it's part of my plan to make more passive income. So, I'm squeezing in some regular writing time to get titles out on a regular basis (at least one a month).

Site Redesign: This is taking for friggin' ever, but I've stopped pressuring myself to get it done. I had hoped to have it done by this month. But, it's going to take longer. Once I got my business goals assessed by a business coach, I realized that I was allowing myself to be pressured by others to get this done. While it is a priority, it's not an immediate "get it done today" priority.

He made me realize that my financial goals -- which I'm on target to surpass without a site redesign -- should be my priority.

What are your plans for your freelance writing career this New Year? I'd love to know.

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