Friday, May 11, 2007

$132,994.97 in Google Earnings!

It's Friday and I'm still in my writing funk. BUT, like a junkie with a drug habit, I felt the need to post today -- something I usually don't do on Friday's.

So, I'm bringing you this little missive.

What about the Google earnings you mention in the title? I'm gettin' there.

Alas, the check didn't belong to me -- it belonged to Jeremy Schoemaker, the brain behind Of it, he writes, "This was the bigest paper check I have ever recieved. It was way back in August of 2005 and since I have moved to wire transfers so dont look for anything bigger from me."

I ran across Jeremy's site in Paula Mooney's blog -- specifically, her post on blogger salaries, which, if you read yesterday's post, will see that I referenced. Paula -- geniously I think, compiled a list of blogger salaries.

While some moan that it's incomplete, it's a good snapshot on who's making what in the blogosphere.

For grins, giggles and "I want that" envy, click here for more Google checks featured on Now, does that inspire you to get going on a site!

Enjoy and be inspired.

Until Monday,
Yuwanda Black, Publisher
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Monday's Post: Are you making 50K or more? Do you worry about being down-sized? Have you been down-sized? Career advice for mid-level managers.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

Hey Yuwanda - Thanks for the link love! Praise God we've all been inspired to kick up our blogging career a notch, heh?

Take care,

Inkwell Editorial said...

Paula, you're welcome. You're my blogging and tech writing hero! Continued success with your blog.