Tuesday, May 29, 2007

4-Eyed Writers & Free Ebooks!

I went to the eye doctor today, which got me to wondering, "Are there any writers with perfect vision?" I dare say if there are, it's due to laser surgery.

Good things come with four eyes is my mantra -- and I'm sticking to it! BUT, I digress.

My doctor put some drops in my eyes -- some kind of eye test -- and it burnt like the dickens. My point -- I can't see close up. It's going to take 3-5 hours for my vision to get back to normal (which, in reality, I should not be excited about).

Anyway, I will be posting the entry scheduled for today, Are freelance writers the poorest internet entrepreneurs? tomorrow. I had planned to finish and proof it today -- but I can't see clearly enough to do so.

Thank God for willing mates to bail you out (he wasn't about to stay still long enough to type and proof the entire post, however).

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Hasta manana and send up a prayer for me wee ole eyeballs!

Yuwanda (Don't know who she is? She can be a chatty matty; find out more here.)


Black Domestic Goddess said...

I too, do not have perfect vision. Most writers who, most of the time are voracious readers, don't. Or maybe it's the writer's part of the brain taking away from the eyesight! Love your blog!

Inkwell Editorial said...

Dear Goddess,

Perhaps you're right about the writer's part of the brain taking away from the eyesight -- that's a unique perspective.

As most writers tend to be prolific readers, we almost need a second pair of eyes -- for back up!

Glad you like the blog and thanks for the comment.


LasikExpert said...

There have been many who theorize that extensive reading causes myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) vision, but I believe the real reason lies in a study recently published about schoolchildren's grades in Singapore. The students who are nearsighted score higher.

It's not that you wear glasses because you read. You wear glasses because you are smart. You just read because you are smart.

So that brings us to the next potential study: Does having
make you less intelligent?! (Tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

Glenn Hagele

I am not a doctor.